Unified Quantum Healing

An energetic experience for you to go beyond your limits
and feel like a brand-new person.

2 & 3 July, Online

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Unified Quantum Healing has proven results and thousands of people have solved health, family and work issues, become successful, found their mission in the world, becoming their wise selves.

Some possibilities to experience in these 2 days of workshop and after it:

  • Heal health issues;
  • Solve old issues;
  • Release a habit;
  • Decide what you want to be, do, have;
  • Solve work issues;
  • Be and being energetically focused;
  • Experiment joy, vitality, will to live;
  • Feeling love and self-esteem;
  • Feeling fulfilled and guided at the highest level;
  • Knowing how to use reason and intuition;
  • Improving the decision making capacity and leadership;
  • Solve family matters;
  • Live your mission in life
  • Knowing and feeling that you are unique and supported by the entire universe.

The general features of the program are:

  • The principles of unified quantum healing, the notions about what is energy, the quanta, the information, the energy field, the dimensions, the space – time, amongst others.
  • We approach the human being as a creative consciousness and what it means, how the energy of the whole life works and the fundamental interdependence between all things and also what instruments each one has and how to use them in everyday life. .
  • We explore the brain, the emotions, the usual and altered states of consciousness, the human behaviour and how to increase, focus and drive energy, achieving the results.
  • The concepts about the human energy field, the aura, its layers, the 9 chakras and what their functions are and the connection between science and spirituality in this field is explained.
  • The participants also learn, individually, to work with the energy and information, doing self-healing, healing with other people and planetary healing.
  • Individual and group tuning, is done, in a way to experience the differences and potentialities of each energy.
  • People live healing experiences with sophisticated techniques and achieving profound results.

The theoretical and practical components are interlinked and we carried out meditations, attunements and the most varied exercises of healing and others, enabling participants to be well throughout the weekend and after the workshop.

Because the entire healing process is natural, interconnected and emerges through you, you will feel energetically aligned, live deeper states of awareness and inner clarity that result in health, trust, peace, love and liberation. The Unified Quantum Healing works intensively all energy systems from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual in an integrated way, bringing order, flow and liveliness that heals your body and renews your being; vitality, wisdom, clarity, and intuition will be available in all areas of your life from work, family, love, leisure, education, money, as well as fulfilling your life mission, spiritual connection, and insights. deep. The results happen quickly.


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Living testimonials from real people validating Susana’s Cor de Rosa work over the years. Caring for others is the main ingredient, and it is extremely valuable for those who receive it.

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Unified Quantum Healing Workshop

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Unified Quantum Healing Workshop

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Unified Quantum Healing Workshop

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