Living testimonials from real people validating Susana’s Cor de Rosa work over the years. Caring for others is the main ingredient, and it is extremely valuable for those who receive it.


The Unified Quantum Healing workshop was very useful, full of important and necessary information for my path and own energy growth.
Susana was very friendly and direct and made the workshop full of fun and positive vibes.
For me personally the most powerful part was one exercise where I finallly lost my fear that I was carrying everywhere and every minute with me for many years. This fear was blocking me, isolating me sometimes, and preventing to feeling joy and happiness in my life.
I could hardly imagine that one day I could feel free again; that it would be possible at all to get rid of my negative experience that resulted in my fear, that was following me like a shadow day and night.
An exercise we did together with Susana made this possible and today I am looking back at that difficult time with a smile.
Today I feel like a different person who got her happy life back, is feeling light and powerful again.
During this workshop you don’t get only very useful tips for your daily energy boost but you also release some of your troubles and that makes this workshop very valuable and worth its time and money.

Carlos B., Teacher
Unified Quantum Healing Workshop

Veronica O., Entrepreneur
Unified Quantum Healing Workshop

Isabel (em português)
Life at Your Will Workshop

Beatriz (em português)
Life at Your Will Workshop

Lurdes (em português)
Life at Your Will Workshop

Marc Silva (en Français)
Life at Your Will Workshop

Alexandra Fernandes (em português)
Unified Quantum Healing

Testemunho, Brasil (em português)
Unified Quantum Healing

Amílcar (em português)
Unified Quantum Healing

Cecília Morais (em português)
Unified Quantum Healing

Luxínia (em português)

Cátia (em português)
Heal Your Vision

Testemunho, Brasil (em português)
Unified Quantum Healing

Luis Carlos, Brasil (em português)
Unified Quantum Healing

Janine Landtwing

“Susana is a Healer who goes straight to the point without ever leaving a sense of insecurity or inadequacy while taking you through deep individual processes. Her authentic caring and loving supports greatly every healing and her immense presence and guidance continues to touch my heart. In deep gratitude for her profound wisdom and her unconditional sharing of her love.”

Marta Sofia, Retail

I am completely in love with the cards, the wisdom they convey, the joy and peace you feel when you read them. They are like a compass and a key that opens me internally to the infinite possibilities available to me.
I have done the exercises in the book and loved the “insights” which I got.

Chris Hooley
Unified Quantum Healing Consultation

Hi there Susana,
Thank you so much for your workshop last weekend. It was a transforming experience that came at just the right moment for. I cannot remember how much I told you about my recent experiences, but a quick backtrack might be helpful.

At the beginning of September I had my prostate removed. The doctors didn’t tell me much and I didn’t ask many questions. Nevertheless I went through many trials and tribulations of which you don’t need the details and of course there were consequences. One of which was a certain emotional instability, to say the least, where everything broke down- mentally and physically…

About your workshop it’s hard to find the right words… inner cleansing and the cleansing of the entire group. Everyone was touched. We all observed the changes in each other. We all felt that we were in a circle of security.
Working in the science of mystery is challenging and involves close scrutiny. Plus being led by the safe and firm hands of Susana was a joy.

Love. Love was present and it is Love that I received and shared. A new world.
I can also add to this that I also received a new sense of choice, of possibilities, perspective and not least affirmation of who “I am”! So yes, a big yes, to healing and although ” Quantic healing”- unified quantum healing- is new to me I’m sure that it is very old indeed!

So it is with warmest regards to you Susana and naturally to our beautiful group,
Love from, Christopher.

Vânia Rodrigues

In my journey of self-awareness where I have been looking for the “Who am I?” “Where am I coming from?” “Where am I going?” In an attempt to live in the authenticity of my essence and in harmony, I became aware that I lived long in life. my comfort zone and had difficulty making big adventurous leaps in my life due to tensions in my family relationship. It was then that I decided to ask Susana Rose for help so that I could evolve in my own way by healing me from past energetic charges that no longer belonged to me. What feels like in Susana’s consultation is something indescribable and deserves to be experienced, and a job that feels and only this, Feeling, on a very deep level. I experienced images that brought me clarity to the moments in my life when I took on responsibilities that were not mine as I took on limiting beliefs that were reflected today in fears and blockages of making it happen and act in my life. I thank Susana so much for this joy, lightness, harmony and freedom that I feel today.


Claudia B., Nurse

For the first time in my life I am able to meditate, be focussed, centered and change things in my life that no longer served me. I was surprised to be able to get up and to start meditating early in the morning. This has been worth it because I now go happily to my work, with energy and focussed on what I want to experience in my life and I am in a good mood all day long. My family likes me so much more and I like that too. I am in the fourth week and I sing the song infinite force, every day.
Thank you Susana for the energy, love and passion I feel in your voice.

rience of healing and transformation in which Susana Cor de Rosa was the precious “key” to this process of transformation.

For years now, from time to time he had suffered pain in the cervical nerve, which radiated to the right arm, causing numbness in some fingers of the hand.

Doctors did not advise surgery and prescribed anti-inflammatories, analgesics and physiotherapy. Which solved the situation momentarily but did not solve it definitively.

I have to confirm that by attending this workshop I was blessed with the immediate improvements and today I do not feel any pain or bad feeling.

I learned to connect with the Cosmos with my heart and realized that we are “innate healers” after all and we have the power within us to change our lives.

I have no words to describe what I felt and witnessed this weekend, only through experience ….

Thank you the size of the World, Susana, for awakening to the Light. ”

Paulo Alexandre, teacher

I bought the Infinite Force CD in order to be more relaxed and also to quit smoking. A friend recommended it and so I decided to try the 5 week program. In the 2nd week, I quit smoking and I still have not smoked again for 6 months. I continue to meditate and I have daily goals for my life.

Vânia Silva, Teacher

I was in the bookstore and saw a box with a title that caught my attention right away “The wisdom of infinite possibilities“. The cards and the little book have been my source of daily inspiration and transformation. Since I have been using them, I feel richer, focused and getting more profound knowledge about myself and life. In my work as a teacher I also use them and the results are amazing.
I am grateful to Susana for this instrument which is so precious.