“The Act of giving renews hope, inspires confidence and brings to the humaneness within us, the love which we are”.

Because I believe that to give is to receive I have these social projects that you can support:

We support the work of the Refúgio Aboim Ascensão, and we acknowledge its work with an unparalleled value.

This entity is a pillar that protects and cares for the lives of hundreds of children, many of them newly born or young children, who are in danger and risk. The work of Refúgio Aboim Ascensão is childhood emergency, providing home, care, love, joy, security and peace to the children until they can return to their families (by court decision),or being adopted. This institution respects fully the value of the human life, and brings about the best in the children they care about.
Give a hand to these children, Beautiful and Unique human beings, sharing what you are and have.

Please make your donation. Donate with your heart and generously, to keep the light shining on these children and on this institution.

Bank details of Refúgio Aboim Ascensão:

NIPC: 501 066 233
NIB: 0033 0000 0004 7872 7020 5
IBAN: PT50 0033 0000 0004 7872 7020 5
Banco: Millennium bcp

Tax News

The Refúgio Aboim Ascensão has been considered an IPSS of Higher Social Interest (Ordinance no. 391/2004, D. R. no. 148, 25/06/04). This ordinance permits that all donations benefit from tax incentives of the Statute of Patronage. (Portuguese law)

Headquarters, IRC – Dec. Law no. 108/2008, of 26 June (donations are considered costs in an amount corresponding to 140% of the total)

Headquarters IRS – Law no. 16/2001 of 22 June, amended by Law no. 91/2009 of 31 August. (Portuguese law)

Note: Identify yourself, please have your donation, by sending your tax number, name, and address.

Luxínia Câmara: a superwoman in the form of a grandmother who was given two grandchildren to raise.

The story is simple. Everything appeared to be wrong. Widowed, unemployed, sick and with a daughter with addiction to narcotics. Problems, problems, or opportunities. Faced with the reality of her grandchildren being given for adoption, her heart was touched and before the Court she agreed to have custody of the children. Two beautiful boys that make their mother-grandmother be the most grateful and happiest person in the world.
We will continue to support this courageous, loving, dedicated woman. This is a unique opportunity to support her and her boys. Give your heart felt contribution to this family. Be it 2 €, 5 €, 20 € or hundreds of Euros each donation will make a big difference.

Donations: IBAN PT 50 00330000 00 22 332436205
SWIFT/BIC: BCOMPTPL, Millennium BCP, Ponta Delgada, São Miguel, Azores.
Current Account of Luxínia Maria Medeiros  Câmara
Rua S. Miguel 75,  9500-244 Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal.
You may call Luxínia + 351 963 760 055 and find out your donation has changed her life and that of her children-grandchildren.