Consultation on Relinking to the Matrix

Relink you to the Universal Matrix is the purpose of this specials activations.

Fee: 252€
Time: Relink session. Sessions from 1h30 to 2h.
In person or by Skype (Instructions)

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this activations reconnect you to the quantum field and raise your coefficient of light, making your body, mind, emotions and spirit vibrate at the speed of light, expanding your consciousness.

Energetically you feel deep transformations which affect yourDNA and your cells regain life, recovering health, vitality and harmony.


Welcome to your consultation. Please call (+351) 929 015 310 or send an email to ask for a time for your session and we will schedule a time compatible for both of us.

After scheduling and knowing already the length of your consultation please proceed to the payment.


1h30 to 2h. 252€

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