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We provide you with support so that you to expand your awareness, raise your energy and find new ways to express yourself and connect with others.

We explore new possibilities for you to change, activate your own resources, strategies and energetic skills to help you be at your best.

€200 / 1h15

In person or by Zoom.

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The aim is to solve and free the tensions that the relationships may have, overcome trauma and fear and encourage new attitudes for the relationships.

The person is invited to actively participate in the session. It could be through emotional expression, becoming aware of the accountability in the situation, or finding the motivation for the new phase in the relationship.

The person is worked energetically (sitting, standing or lying down). Intuitively, it will be listen to the body, the emotions and those body parts where the energy is stuck, and what was the age when something happened in the relationship (the ages of the person in the relationship with the parents, at school, sweethearts, etc).

It is noticed where the person got lost, where she fears, in which point she´s alone or accompanied and by whom. It will be also observed if she has lost power or value at any time in the relationship and then change these energy patterns.

Empty space is created so that the person can change. New energetic frequencies are introduced, new internal and external dialogues so that the person can regain self-esteem, self-confidence, will to live and love and also competencies with the children and at work.

In accordance with the need there may be a need to follow an emotional program at home.



My relationship with me have always been tense. I had a low self-esteem, lack of will power (I thought) and was normally an introvert. Socially, I believed myself to be worthless and even at work things were not easy. At the session I realized that my relationships with my mother and my primary school teacher were stuck, there was a history of pain, which I was recycling constantly. During the session I removed these patterns and I created new links with myself and with the woman I wanted to be. I took a program home to do and I returned to the consultation a few more times, and after each one there was remarkable progress. At the moment, I feel strong, courageous, and happy and everyone has noticed it and I am no longer invisible.

Fátima, Nurse

Relationships Consultation

I had difficulty in understanding the reason why all my relationships always having the same type of issues; I felt trapped without space, very low self-esteem and systematically feeling guilty. I became aware that my relationship with my father was tense and I could not get out of that register. I managed to change it and I felt immediately different at the end of the session. I was light, with an open heart and totally alive. As soon as I arrived home my husband treated me in such a different manner that I believed it could only be the result of the consultation.

Luísa Santos, Receptionist

Relationships Consultation

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€200 / 1h15

In person or by Zoom.

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