Body Image and Sexuality

Rediscover your beauty, confidence and sexual energy.

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Rediscover your beauty, confidence and sexual energy.

“Your body is as much a den of pleasure as a sacred temple and both doors ought to be opened”

  • Do you treat your body well, feel it as an ally, or do you feel it as an enemy or a stranger?
  • Are you satisfied with your body image or are you hiding behind your clothes, or your secretary?
  • How often do you feel thrilled about life and use that energy to build more confidence, success, happy family, joy, and lovemaking?
  • What has prevent you from letting your body speak naturally?
  • Has sexuality been a problem to you, instead of a source of pleasure?
  • Maybe you have some fear, blockage and still feel stuck to the old story of not being good enough…
  • Do you want to improve your confidence, sensuality and sex life?
  • Do you want to have a spiritual view of sexuality, connection with higher energies and feel good?

This workshop is for you, for you adult self, the one who chooses to:

  • Have a fantastic relationship with your body, mind and emotions and take care of your soul;
  • Sexually feel at ease, freed, confident, safe and at peace to enjoy the richness of sexual energy
  • Love your woman or man, see yourself and feel like a God(dess) of sensuality, joy and sex
  • Channel sexual energy to success, meaningful work, a happy family, financial abundance and contribute to your community
  • Learn more about female and male energy and fusion yourself with the Universe;
  • Explore high realms of consciousness and feel unique.

Whenever you sexual energy circulates you can flourish, feel charismatic and radiate your natural sensuality, power and joy and you become irresistible to others, to the Universe and you can create powerful realities.

Recommended to: women and men from the age of 18. You can come individually, with a friend, or with your partner.

Body Image and Sexuality Workshop – July 27th and 28th Weekend

Arrival on Friday, the 26th, at 6 pm. End of the retreat, Sunday at 7pm.
Meeting place: Vendas Novas, Alentejo, at the parking lot of LIDL supermarket.


Location Al-Mansur, Vendas Novas, Alentejo.
GPS coordinates 38.7009,-8.3821.

Value of the workshop per person € 197 – You can pay in 2 halves, plus the lodging and food €90.

Lodging and food includes: – 2 nights, 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 2 dinners, paid in cash directly to the owner of Al Mansur.

If you need a ride or transfer to the place, please let us know.


I loved and recommend to every woman who wants to be truly herself, to feel at ease with her body and sexuality.

I missed many opportunities to relate to the opposite sex because I did not like my body and when I had a boyfriend it reinforced my negative beliefs and low esteem. Neither sex was good nor did I feel respected and loved.

In the workshop I felt finally free with my body, sensual, beautiful open-minded for sex and super excited about life. I finally made up with myself. My sexual energy is in the red and I know how to take care of myself and channel it.

Susana can understand what is going on, deep down, and it helps each person immensely, with all respect, to overcome their fears. I felt good also with the group. It was so different and fun.

Thank you, I’ll repeat.

Mafalda B., Accountant