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Susana Cor de Rosa is a mentor, healer, intuitive consultant and author and is known internationally for her energy, love and joyfulness, healing capabilities and for interconnecting science, healing and spirituality in a practical manner, revolutionizing mentalities, raising and enhancing people’s energy.

Susana was born in Lisbon on May 30th, 1969 and for her, communicating, healing, intuiting and transforming weaknesses into strengths is like breathing.

She graduated in Law, got a Post-Graduate degree in this field, and at the age of thirty she felt an inner calling (a inner call) to expand her consciousness – to teach, heal and re-educate human beings for happiness.

She travelled the world and trained in various fields such as Quantum Physics, Shamanism, Alternative Therapies and Waldorf Pedagogy.

For the last sixteen years she has been the Mentor of Unified Quantum Healing in Portugal. She has given workshops nationally and internationally in the fields of Unified Quantum Healing, Relationships, Body Image, Sexuality, Subtle Activation of DNA, Who We Are, Infinite Force and others.

Her innovative and dynamic teaching methods have been recognized nationally and internationally and are inspiring a growing number of people across the world.

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“Healing (yourself) is to experience expansion, feeling whole and a profound connection with who you are, experiencing love, happiness and simplicity.”

Susana Cor de Rosa

She awakens and encourages people to live their higher vision, and use the sixteen senses we all have to make authentic, clear, healthy, successful decisions according to who you are. She teaches people to be intentional creators/co-creators instead of disorientated ones, empowering them to use their spiritual intelligence (combining reason and intuition) and act in the world with confidence.

Inspired and convinced about her capabilities as a Unified Quantum Healer, she has successfully supported countless people in their transformation and growth with her healing methods.

Healing (yourself) is releasing the states of limitation, smallness and isolation.

Healing (yourself) is to experience expansion, feeling whole and a profound connection with who you are, experiencing love, happiness and simplicity.

Susana is also a personal and business consultant, for individuals and companies from various sectors, helping them to focus on their goals, to improve their efficacy, competencies, capacities and outcomes consistently, by acknowledging their power, and responsibility in the world.

Susana is regularly invited to television and radio shows to speak on topics such as Unified Quantum Healing, Personal Power, Spiritual Intelligence and other related topics, revolutionizing mentalities. She also writes for magazines about spirituality, healing, confidence and innovation.

Susana (She is) is the author of the book Who Are We – The Code of Creation, an inspirational book, edited in 2012, now in its third Portuguese edition and edited in 2015 in English – available in www.amazon.com.

She is the creator of the five week guided meditation program, Infinite Force – The Energy of Change, available in Portuguese and English at Amazon, Google Store, CDBaby and at the site www.susanacorderosa.com (The Portuguese version is available at bookshops).

Susana also edited – “The Wisdom of the Infinite Possibilities” – a powerful book and deck of cards that aligns you with your innate wisdom, healing energy and the field of endless possibilities to make your dreams come true. Available in bookshops and in www.susanacorderosa.com.

Susana’s most recent work is “The Land Where Everything is Possible” an inspiring story about happiness, the power of dreams, energy, magic, and the meaning of life, to read, dream, talk and grow. from 8 to 98.
Recommended to adults, children, families, friends…for those who Dare to Shine Brightly, Be Happy and Fulfil their Mission.

Available to buy on www.amazon.com, in English, Spanish and Portuguese version.  Find it at a bookstore near you or at www.susanacorderosa.com.